Monday, May 16, 2005

Research in E-Moderation: how shall we proceed?

Having examined issues on learning and teaching from their philosophical and psychological roots (learning theories) to recent models and frameworks in different learning contexts, it could be said that there are many factors, that influence the educational process online, one might need to take into account before any further examination of the complex issue of e-moderation. Many of those factors, such as motivation, goals, interactivity as well as technology, pedagogical skills and tutoring tactics and strategies are still under 'investigation' from the related research community . Nevertheless, e-moderation is still an ill-defined term open to further clarifications.

If a researcher is to proceed with further exploration of e-moderation, it would be helpful to define e-moderation, and amplify that definition with perhaps two or three examples of activities from studies and perhaps with a couple of examples which are not quite covered by the definitions existed already. It would be helpful to build upon other frameworks of e-moderation and test them in different contexts. However, what we really need is to test more frameworks, preferably in naturalistic contexts. There is a need for more researches from which more findings, not necessarily generalisable- just particular ones may occur.


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