Thursday, September 22, 2005

Online Assessment tools

Here is a list of online assesment tools:

• AuthoLearn (TrainVision Ltd.)
• Design-a-Course (MindIQ Corporation)
• Edufolio (Terra Dotta)
• Eedo ForceTen (Eedo Knowledgeware)
• Exam Engine (Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Corporation)
• Experience Builder (Experience Builders LLC)
• Firefly (Knowledge Planet)
Hot Potatoes (free download)
• Kallidus Authoring System (e2train Limited)
• Lectora Publisher (Trivantis Corporation)
• Macromedia Breeze Presentation (Macromedia)
• PedagogueTesting (Pedagogue Solutions)
• Performance Analyzer (XStream Software Inc.)
• Questionmark Perception (Questionmark)
• Red inQ (Hurix Systems)
• Seminar Author (Information Transfer)
• Siebel SimBuilder (Siebel Systems Inc.)
• SimShop Developer Tool (Strategic Management Group Inc.)

Has anyone used any of the above tools?
do you have any other tools to suggest? Please leave your comments!


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